Computer Recycling Services.

What we do

We collect all your unwanted or redundant IT equipment. Data is securely destroyed to CESG government higher standards before recycling any equipment.

Jtech-Recycling is environment agency registered so you can trust that equipment is dealt with in the correct way. We will provide a receipt for all items collected and an assurance certificate that all your equipment will be handled in line with the WEEE directive and Data Protection Act.

Computer Recycling services

Most businesses these days operate in the world of computers. It might be that they have their own website, regardless of whether they have a physical retail outlet as well. It may be that they deal with customers online or most of the administrative work is carried out using computers. This is because technology is advancing quickly and new computers are coming on the market all the time. It consequently means that many companies have a lot of electronic data and content and this information needs to be managed properly. A company which wants to update equipment has to think about how to dispose of the actual physical hard drive as well as what is stored on it. It might also want to keep that information too. The management of storing or disposing of equipment and data is about keeping in mind safe, security-conscious and cost-effective ways of doing so. There are legal considerations to be taken into account as well as guidelines and pressure on companies to behave in a socially responsible way. Recycling computers is the recommended way of achieving this.

Computer storage Data

Recycling computers means that companies can buy in new equipment and feel safe and at ease in the knowledge that steps have been taken to benefit the community rather than adding to stockpiles of electronic waste. Sometimes physical data needs to be recycled, so to speak, into digital format. Document scanning is one way of doing this effectively, whereby existing paperwork is recorded digitally, along with new information. This can help with archiving, and where companies want to store information but also have quick access to it as well.

Disposing of data

Getting rid of computers does entail waste, but cleaning out the old and bringing in the new is a necessary process for companies to stay on top of technology. Just as they may update how data is stored, they may have to update the computers the information is stored on as well. This clearing out of outdated computers can really help an office and business run much more smoothly. Technology supports the various roles and duties of the staff. It is also about looking after customers well too. People's personal information can be protected with secure shredding for example. A company has to think about this accountability to its clients and customers and has to follow a procedure. When data is managed and stored this has to be done in the right way too.

What happens next

Please complete the form on the contacts us page or if you prefer please email us at ensuring that you provide us with accurate details of your collection.
Our staff will then contact you to arrange a convenient date and time for your collection.

What we collect

Most IT equipment including:
Mobile Phones
External Hard drives
Hard drives

What we don't collect

Washing Machines
Tumble Dryers